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Risk Management, Workers' Compensation & Disability Management Program Evaluation

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Important Resources

The following documents, forms and policies are here to assist you. If you do not find what you are looking for or have questions, please contact Risk Management office: or (951) 827-5528.

  • Alcohol Permit

    UC Riverside encourages the development of an environment conducive to the intellectual and personal development of all University community members, while increasing awareness about alcohol issues. The campus allows alcohol at specific events hosted by specific organizations that adhere to the UCR Alcohol Policy

    This policy governs consumption of alcoholic beverages for events on the University premises and off premises when under the administration of the University of California, Riverside. In every instance where alcohol consumption is permitted, the individuals and organizations involved are responsible for compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, this policy, and other applicable University regulations. All events serving and/or selling alcoholic beverages require that an alcohol permit request be filed with Risk Management at least 20 business days prior to the event: Campus Policy No. 700-60. If you are not already an authorized user to the alcohol permit request site, please email

    We highly recommend using Citrus Grove Catering, UCR's campus catering company which has approved eTIPS certified bar stewards. If you are interested in attaining a temporary license, please view and ABC License Application Instructions and ABC License Application

  • Automobile Claims (How to Report)

    How to Report an Auto Claim


    If you are involved in a vehicle accident while conducting University business, you are required to report the accident whether you are driving a University vehicle, a rental vehicle, or a personal vehicle.  Drivers are required to report all auto incidents within 24 hours directly to their Supervisor and Risk Management. If UCPD is involved, they will contact Risk Management.

    You must report any accident which causes injury to you, to your passengers, or to third parties, or which causes damage to your vehicle or to third party vehicles.

    Immediate notification is critical to the investigation; do not delay in reporting a vehicle accident. It must be reported to your supervisor, the Risk Management office or (951) 827-5528 or the UCR's Claims Administrator, Sedgwick by calling 800.416.4029 and pressing #1. Operators are available 24/7.

    Risk Management may ask you to give a statement to the University’s Third Party Claims Administrator – Sedgwick. Do not talk to anyone else about the accident except your supervisor and Risk Management.

    Provide additional information about the accident - including police reports, photos, cost estimates, etc. – these can be submitted as they become available

    If you are injured, please seek medical attention, preferably at a UCR approved work related or occupational injury or illness locations. You must also report a work related injury/illness using Employer's First Report of Injury (EFR)

  • Campus Return To Work Policies

    UCR Campus Policy on Return to Work (Campus Policy 600-85, Section K, 2)


    The campus has a mandatory return to work program for industrially injured employees. Transitional Return to Work (TRTW) program provides up to 90 days of work for employees who have sustained an industrial injury and are released with work restrictions. During the TRTW period the employee receives his/her regular wage for the hours worked. If the home department is unable to provide an appropriate TRTW assignment, the Disability Management Coordinator will find work within the temporary restrictions in another department. Compensation during TRTW is the responsibility of the home department. Extension of the TRTW period will be on a case-by-case basis at the department’s discretion.

    Sedgwick, CMS Claims Administrator will discuss with Disability Management Coordinator and the employee after an aggregate of ninety (90) days of disability subsequent to the industrial injury. The Claims Administrator will complete a job description form with the employee and verify it for accuracy with the department. That form will be forwarded to the appropriate physician for medical evaluation. The physician's evaluation will indicate one of the following:

    a.       The employee is released to return to work without restriction.

    b.      The employee is released to return to work with restrictions (modified work).

    c.       The employee is unable to return to work (usual and customary employment).

    An employee has the right to decline TRTW, however, employees who decline TRTW are not eligible for temporary total disability benefits during the 90 day period that work is available. Employees who decline TRTW should be referred to the Benefits Representative for information on other benefits available.

  • Cost Allocation Program

    Learn More about UCR's Cost Allocation Program

  • EFR Training

    Employer's First Report of Injury (EFR) 

    EFR Log In

  • Event Security

    Security - UCRPD

    UCRPD is one of the departments that must be involved in the pre-planning and research of all special events held on the University campus. The reasons for detailed planning are:

    • To provide a safe and secure environment
    • To prevent crime
    • To maintain order
    • To protect persons and property
    • To respond to and implement emergency services when required
    • To prepare for and request necessary emergency and non-emergency services
    • To determine the best methods for achieving these goals in a cost effective manner
  • Exception to UC Insurance Requirements
  • General Claim Form

    Please report a incident or claim to UCR's Claims Administrator, Sedgwick, by calling 1-800-416-4029 and pressing #1. Operators are available 24/7.

    For more information, please email or call (951) 827-5528

  • Indemnification

    Risk Management supports all University departments and auxiliary enterprises by identifying and strategically managing all business contractual risks associated with their activities consistent with the University’s mission of education, research and public service.

    Indemnification provisions in contracts/agreements, sometimes called the 'hold-harmless' clause, specifies who will pay for loss or damage arising out of the performance of the contract/agreement.

    The University is only permitted to sign contracts, grants, permits and agreements etc. when the indemnification language limits the University's liability to acts over which it has control and to the extent the University exercises its control.

    Regents' Standing Order 100.4 prohibits campuses from assuming third party liability without the Regents' approval. The University requires contractors, consultants, vendors, and facilities' user with whom it does business to assume responsibility for liabilities that arise from their negligent acts or omissions.

    Risk Management will review indemnification language for compliance with Regent's policy. Be advised that this may require negotiation with the other party's risk managers, contracts departments, attorneys etc. which will require additional time, so please involve Risk Management early on in your contractual process.

    Helpful Definitions:


    Hold Harmless: A hold harmless clause is a statement in a legal contract stating that an individual or organization is not liable for any injuries or damages caused to the individual signing the contract

    Indemnification: To indemnify another party is to compensate that party for loss or damage that has already occurred, or to guarantee through a contractual agreement to repay another party for loss or damage that occurs in the future

  • Injuries Caused By Work Poster

    Notice to Employees - Injuries Caused By Work Poster



  • Insurance and Coverage Limits
  • Payroll Processing for Workers' Compensation Information

    Section G from Workers' Compensation Policy 600-85

    Effective Date 10/01/2008


    1.      WORKERS' COMPENSATION PAYROLL ADMINISTRATION:  If employees need assistance with resolving any payroll-related questions and problems, they should first contact their department's Benefits/Personnel Assistant.  For further help, contact:

    Phone (951) 827-3307



    For employees who are eligible to accrue sick and vacation leave, who are determined by the treating physician to be temporarily disabled, they will need to follow the normal procedures to request the use of sick leave, vacation leave, and/or compensatory leave accruals in order to continue receiving their basic salary while temporarily disabled. However, if an employee elects to use compensatory leave accruals, their compensatory leave will not be recredited. The employee may elect to take a leave of absence without pay, and not use accrued leave. Sedgwick, CMS has ninety (90) days from the date the injury is reported by the employee to investigate and make a determination whether the claim will be approved or denied.



    Temporary disability (TD) checks are paid when Sedgwick, CMS has approved the claim and the treating doctor certifies that their illness or injury causes them to lose time from work and suffers lost wages. Temporary disability checks are not paid the first three days an employee is unable to work unless,

    a.       an employee is hospitalized as an inpatient, or

    b.      an employee is off work for more than fourteen (14) days.

    Leave accruals may be used in order to ensure that the employee receives pay for this waiting period. If the employee has exhausted their sick leave and the claim has been approved, they are eligible to receive "Extended Sick Leave," which is described in more detail below.

    Workers' compensation payments or temporary disability (TD) checks are mailed directly to the employee. The exact amount of these (TD) checks is determined by law, based on the employee's average weekly earnings. It is approximately two-thirds of the employee's actual wage loss, up to a maximum weekly rate.

    Employees who receive temporary disability (TD) or workers' compensation payments will have those payments deducted from their paychecks.



    After the claim has been approved, and the employee is receiving workers' compensation payments from Sedgwick, CMS, they have three options regarding the continuation of their salary:

    The department is required to obtain a written authorization from the employee before they use sick or vacation leave to supplement the workers' compensation payments. Within three (3) working days after the department becomes aware that the employee has received payments from Sedgwick, CMS, they must mail the "Sick/Vacation Leave Authorization" letter to the employee. Based on the information provided, the employee may elect one of the three options described below.



    a.       Salary Issues:  Under this option, your sick leave and vacation accruals will be used to make up the difference between the temporary disability checks you receive from Sedgwick, CMS, and your base pay.  Provided you have sufficient leave accruals to supplement the temporary disability checks, you could receive 100% of your salary while you are temporarily disabled for a work-related injury or illness.  The department will first apply your sick leave and next use vacation leave accruals.  Your temporary disability payments will be deducted from your paychecks.

    b.      Benefit Issues:  Because you are on regular pay status, your medical, dental and vision care insurance premiums will continue to be paid by the University as they are currently, and you will continue to earn normal retirement service credit.

    c.       Leave Accruals:  You will earn sick leave and vacation at the normal rate, and you may use it as you earn it. This will continue until you have exhausted your leave accruals.

    d.      Extended Sick Leave:  When your sick leave accruals have been exhausted, you will be eligible for "Extended Sick Leave Benefits."  The University will pay you 80 percent of your normal salary.  While you are on Extended Sick Leave, the University will continue making contributions toward your medical, dental and vision care insurance benefits.  You will earn retirement service credit at 80 percent. During Extended Sick Leave, you will accrue sick/vacation leave at the normal rate, however, your leave accruals will be credited to you only when you return to work.  If you separate before you return to work, vacation earned while on Extended Sick Leave will be paid to you. You may receive Extended Sick Leave benefits for up to 26 weeks.  When the temporary disability checks cease, Extended Sick Leave benefits will cease also.  (Note:  While on Extended Sick Leave, you cannot supplement to 100% pay status.)

    e.       After Extended Sick Leave is exhausted:  After 26 weeks of Extended Sick Leave, if you remain temporarily disabled and are receiving temporary disability checks, you will be placed on a leave of absence without pay, and your Extended Sick Leave will be discontinued. During this leave, your vacation and sick leave will accrue at the normal rate, but will be credited to you only when you return to work.  You will not earn retirement service credit and you will be required to pay the full cost of your medical, dental and vision insurance premiums directly to the campus Payroll Office.  You may be eligible for benefit continuation for at least 12 weeks pursuant to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), if you qualify. 



    All of the provisions listed above are the same terms you would receive under Option 2, except under this option, the department would only use your sick leave to supplement temporary disability checks, and no vacation leave will be used.  Only Options 1 and 2 will permit employees to receive Extended Sick Leave benefit.



    a.       Salary Issues:  If you have sick or vacation leave accruals, but choose not to use them while you are temporarily disabled, you will be placed on a leave without pay. You will receive temporary disability checks from Sedgwick, CMS and no salary from the University.

    b.      Benefit Issues:  You will be required to pay for the full cost of your benefits (medical, dental and vision) to the Payroll Office.  You will not earn retirement service credit. You may be eligible under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to receive continued payment for your benefits for at least 12 weeks.

    c.       Leave Accruals:  You will earn sick and vacation leave at your normal rate, but it will not be credited to you until you return to work. If you separate without returning to work, you will not be paid for vacation accrued while on a leave without pay.

    d.      Extended Sick Leave:  You are not eligible for Extended Sick Leave benefits.



    Eligible employees receive eighty (80) percent of their basic salary from the University, called "Extended Sick Leave" which is available for up to twenty-six (26) weeks for any one illness or injury. These payments are made only while the employee is receiving workers' compensation payments. (Law Enforcement employees shall receive leave with pay, as provided by Labor Code Section 4806.)

    Eligibility for Extended Sick Leave is based on the following:

    a.       Employees must be receiving workers' compensation payments; and

    b.      Employees must exhaust all of their accrued sick leave.

    The provisions of Extended Sick Leave are described in full in Policy 44 C of the Personnel Policies for Staff Members or in the applicable collective bargaining provisions. While on Extended Sick Leave, employees cannot supplement this leave with leave accruals to receive full pay.

  • Predesignation of Personal Physician

    Time of Hire Pamphlet & Predesignation of Personal Physician



  • Travel
    5 Steps to Take before travelling:
    1. Complete UC Abroad training
    2. Enroll in travel insurance on UC Away
    3. Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
    4. Register your trip for alerts and reports on WorldCue
    5. Refer to UCOP for more resources
     Additional steps
    • Make travel arrangements
    • Renew your passport
    • Obtain appropriate visas
    • Get vaccinations

    For more information on Travel Insurance, click here

  • Vendor/Contractor Insurance

    Vendors and contractors who do not meet the University’s Insurance requirements for general liability and professional liability can purchase Vendor/Contractor Insurance from the CampusConnexions Program. If the contractor/vendor’s application is accepted, an annual policy for University work costs $750. 

  • Visiting Schools & Organizations
  • Volunteer Registration
  • Waivers

    If you are not sure which waiver to use, visit UCOP's Guidelines for issuing waivers.

    RequiredFor activities or field trips that a student must take in order to pass a class.

    Voluntary - For activities that are part of elective classes. They are also for other voluntary activities, such as summer camps, field trips, outreach, recruitment, sports and many more. Voluntary means that the participant participates out of FREE WILL. 

    Group - Used with the Voluntary Waiver, Required Waiver or Other Waiver when a group individuals will participate in the facility/Class/Activity.

    Athletics/Sports - Same as the Voluntary Waiver; but this waiver is specific to the use of a facility or class. 

    Performance Agreements - This agreement must be completed if an artist or performer will provide services to the University and payment is rendered by UCR Accounting department. The agreement must be signed by artist/performer and an authorized department representative.

    Registered Student Organization (RSO) Participant Waiver - RSO members must complete a General Annual Waiver online at For special events, a Participant Waiver may be required in addition to the General Annual Waiver. For help determining if your event requires the RSO Participant Waiver, please contact Risk Management or Student Life.   This is also available in Spanish

    Spanish Facilities Waiver

    Spanish General Waiver