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Insurance Programs


Programs & Policies

UC self-insures many of its primary exposures (liability, property, workers compensation, etc.) to an upper limit (the self-insured retention or SIR). To cover losses that exceed the self-insured retention, the University purchases excess commercial insurance policies to augment the self-insurance programs. The University also buys commercial insurance policies to cover a variety of specific exposures. For more information, go to Insurance - Programs & Polices.

Be Smart About Safety (BSAS)

Each year Office of the President Risk Services provides campuses with funding to prevent losses. The program is called Be Smart About Safety (BSAS). Departments can apply for BSAS funding to pay for projects that will eliminate risks. Funding is limited. For more information, go to BSAS.


University insurance programs only cover University employees, premises and operations. They do not cover University students, Registered Student Organizations, Foundations, Alumni, and Support groups, tenant users, vendors and contractors, sports clubs, or 3rd party camps and clinics. The University established the CampusConnexions Program to make insurance solutions available to these groups. For more information, go to CampusConnexions.

Certificates of Insurance

University agreements and contracts with vendors, contractors, and consultants typically require parties with whom the University is doing business to provide evidence to the University, in the form of a certificate of insurance, that they carry certain types of insurance at certain limits. The University collects certificates from the organizations and individuals with whom it does business and, when required, issues its own certificates. For more information, go to Certificates of Insurance.


Coverage under insurance programs and policies for owned property is generally subject to a deductible. For more information, go to Deductibles.

Insurance Requirements

University agreements and contracts require the vendors, contractors, and consultants with whom UC does business to provide evidence that they are insured before they can begin work. The types and limits of insurance correspond to the risk exposure that doing business with vendors creates for the University. For more information, go to Insurance Requirements.

Waiver of Insurance Requirements

The University allows exceptions to be made to its insurance requirements if the exposure to loss or liability arising out of a provider’s goods or services is negligible. At UCR, departments can request a waiver to the insurance requirements if they think this applies to the goods or services they are purchasing. For more information, go to Waivers.

Personal Property

The University does not provide insurance coverage that it does not own or that it is not contractually its care, control, and custody. For more information, go to Personal Property.

Report Injuries, Accidents & Property Losses Immediately

Auto Accidents
Bodily Injury
Employee Injury & Illness
Near Misses
Property Damage
3rd Party