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Personal Property 

The University does not insure the personal property of faculty, staff, students, or visitors. It only insures property it owns or leases or that is in its care, custody, and control subject to a written agreement.

Property of Individuals Not Insured

The University assumes no responsibility for property that it does not own or operate, or that is not in its care, custody, and control. It is not responsible for the personal property of individuals, including employees, faculty, and students, whether or not the loss or damage occurred on University premises or while the employee was engaged in activities in the course and scope of employment.

Filing a Claim

If you think the University is responsible for damage to your personal property and you want to file a claim, use the Online Incident Reporting tool. 

Report Injuries, Accidents & Property Losses Immediately

Auto Accidents
Bodily Injury
Employee Injury & Illness
Near Misses
Property Damage
3rd Party