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CampusConnexions Insurance

University insurance programs and policies only cover University employees, premises and operations. They do not cover Recognized Sports Clubs, Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), or students. The University established the CampusConnexions Insurance Program to make reasonably priced insurance available to Recognized Sports Clubs, Registered Student Organizations, and students. For information about this insurance coverage, go to: CampusConnexions Insurance Program

Student Employees

If you are a student employee and are injured, please:

  1. Notify your supervisor and report the injury
  2. Seek treatment. The Student On-Campus Employment - Undergraduate Occupational Medical Treatment Decision Tree has been created to help determine where an injured undergraduate student/intern should be treated.
    • In the case of a life-threatening emergency, seek medical treatment at the nearest medical facility regardless of status. 

It is important for everyone to notify and communicate their supervisor prior to going to the doctor or physical therapy appointments and keep their supervisors informed of the status of their injury. For more information, visit Workers' Compensation

Facility Use & Events

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may use campus facilities to hold events and conduct activities subject to the availability of space and campus practices and procedures. Go to Student Group Facility Use & Events for information about the requirements that must be met when RSOs want to schedule campus facilities and hold events.

Student Internships

Internships provide students with valuable on-the-job training and can help students clarify their career interests and goals. Unfortunately, companies that sponsor internships often require the student intern, or the intern’s school, to show evidence of liability insurance coverage. In most cases the University of California Liability Insurance Program does not cover students participating in internship programs. There are some exceptions. Visit the Career Center website on Student Internships for information about the requirements that must be met in order for student interns to have coverage under the University’s Liability Insurance Program.

Student Travel Insurance

The University provides worldwide 24-hrs/day travel insurance for students who are traveling while participating in UC sponsored and supervised off-campus activities, both domestically and abroad. This coverage is available at no cost. GVist CampusConnexions for more information about this insurance and how to make certain you are covered when you are traveling.

UC SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan)

Built for students, with students actively involved in its design, UC SHIP provides high-quality, affordable and convenient coverage that protects students from unexpected health care costs. 

UC SHIP offers medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, mental health and substance use disorder benefits for UC undergraduate and graduate students and their eligible dependents.

Because all UC students are required to have medical insurance, UC automatically enrolls registered students at the Davis, Hastings College of the Law, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Diego and San Francisco campuses in UC SHIP each academic year.

To learn more visit UC SHIP. 

Report Injuries, Accidents & Property Losses Immediately

Auto Accidents
Bodily Injury
Employee Injury & Illness
Near Misses
Property Damage
3rd Party