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What is an Incident?

An incident is an event that results in or causes injury or damage to someone or something, or an event that has the potential to result in or cause injury or damage. The University responds differently to different types of incidents. Different people and processes are involved depending upon the incident type. However there is one location for reporting a incident, injury, property damage, property loss or safety concern. 



Report an accident if you have been involved in an accident on campus.


Report a injury if you have sustained a bodily injury while on campus. If you are an employee and you have been become ill or injured for a work-related reason, please learn more about what to do and where to go to Report a Work Related Injury.

Environmental Compliance

Report a Environmental Compliance incident which may include a release, spill, leak, and/or discharge caused by, University personnel and operations, or a release, spill, leak, and/or discharge that has impacted University personnel, property, or operations.


Report a Property Loss Claim if you are an employee and your department has suffered property loss or damage and it is necessary to file an insurance claim.

Near Miss, Hazard or Unsafe Work Practice

Report a near miss incident, hazard or unsafe work practice; this helps keep the campus safe and assists in preventing possible future incidents. Reports can be made anonymously. 


Report an Automobile Accident if you have been involved in an accident with a University vehicle, or a driver of a University vehicle who has been involved in an automobile accident, and you want to report and/or make a claim for injury or damages.


For information on filing or serving a summons or complaint against the University, please visit the Office of Legal Affairs. You will also find information here about what to do if you are an employee who receives notice of a 3rd party claim or you are served with a summons and complaint in which you, and the University, are named defendants.