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COVID-19 Information and Guidance   |   AB 685 - Request for Anonymity on COVID Notifications to Unions


Visiting Schools & Organizations

The University of California requires that each School District or Organization participating in University undergrad recruitment activities, campus tours and events or holding their own tours and activities on the UC Riverside campus provide the university with proper evidence of insurance and a signed indemnification agreement.

It is only necessary to provide these documents once during an academic year keeping in mind the expiration dates of your policies must be current throughout the year.

Typically, you can forward our request to your district’s Risk or Business Services department and they will send us the appropriate documents.

To ensure a positive learning experience for all visitors and a reasonably quiet work environment for faculty and staff, we require at least four adult chaperones (one per each assigned group of up to 15 students). Students should be accompanied by a chaperone at all times.