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Worker's Compensation: Work-Related injury/illness

The University of California strives to provide a safe working environment for all employees and to minimize the adverse impact of work-related injuries.

Workers' Compensation is a state mandated benefit for employees with work-related injuries and illness, awarded without regard to who is at fault. California's Workers' Compensation laws are intended to ensure that employees receive prompt medical treatment, among other benefits, when they are injured on-the-job. Under workers' compensation, an injury must meet the test of both arising out of employment and occurring during the course of employment to be compensable.

The Workers' Compensation Office is responsible for administering the campus self-insured workers' compensation program which includes and ensures the following:

  • Claim forms are prepared within prescribed time frames
  • Coordination occurs between the campus and UCR's contracted third-party administrator, Sedgwick Claims Management Services (CMS), in managing the reported claims
  • Program funding is sufficient to meet the costs of claims, and informing the campus of relevant policies and procedures

Claims Administrator

Sedgwick CMS has a contract with the University of California to provide the services of a third party administrator for the University’s workers’ compensation self-insurance program.  Sedgwick CMS responsibilities include:

  • Investigating all claims to determine if, legally, they should be accepted or denied
  • Ensuring effective medical care and prompt payment of bills
  • Providing prompt delivery of benefits on compensable claims
  • Consulting with the Workers’ Compensation Office for claims management and early intervention planning
  • Calculating the amount of reserved funds needed for each claim
  • Defending the University’s position on questionable or litigated claims

Workers’ Compensation Office

900 University Avenue
Environmental Health & Safety Building
Riverside, CA 92521

Fax: (951) 827-3202

Sedgwick, CMS
P.O. Box 14533
Lexington, KY 40512-4533
Phone:  (877) 682-7778
Fax: (916) 788-9990

Contact Workers' Compensation for more information.

***NOTE: The Student On-Campus Employment - Undergraduate Occupational Medical Treatment Decision Tree has been created to help determine where an injured undergraduate student/intern should be treated. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, seek medical treatment at the nearest medical facility regardless of status. ***

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