In response to UCR’s campus closure, the Risk Management and EH&S office is closed.

Critical functions related to emergency response coordination, hazardous waste collection and delivery of research materials under the purview of EH&S including radiation packages and controlled substances are operational, however may experience delay.

You can still report an incident, injury, or safety concern using the online reporting tool

If you have safety emergency such as a hazardous material spill, injury or illness, contact UCPD at (951) 827-5222 or 911 on a cellular device.

For general inquiries, please email us at and our remote staff will respond to your concerns by the next business day.


How To Report an Injury

Incidents must be reported within 48 hours of your knowledge of the event so that prompt and appropriate remediation can take place.

  • Employees should report an occupational injury to their supervisor immediately and seek medical care when necessary.
  • Report an Injury using EFR (Employer's First Report of Injury) on R'Space or by clicking here to go directly to the EFR Portal.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Workers’ Compensation Office:
  • An injury can also be reported after normal business hours by calling the 1-800 Workers’ Compensation Claim Reporting Hotline (1-877-682-7778). This is a National Intake Center that is utilized by UC systemwide. This National Intake Center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once an injury is reported to the National Intake Center, the center will send an e-mail to the Workers’ Compensation office within 24 hours of the call.
  •  Note:  If an accident results in an employee being hospitalized, other than for observation, for 24 hours or more, or a loss of a limb (amputation) or loss of life, notify the Workers’ Compensation Office and EH&S immediately. EH&S must report these types of accidents to OSHA within 8 hours of the event.
  • An employee who suffered from an occupational injury and needs medical treatment should be referred to one of the facilities that are authorized to provide medical care unless the employee has completed a Designation of Personal Physician Form (English / Spanish) prior to the injury.
  • The employee will need to bring a doctor's note describing the treatment received and work status to the department.
  • Keep a copy of all of the doctor's notes and correspondence for departmental files.
  • The department will need to fax/send a copy to the Workers’ Compensation Office.
  • The employee should notify their supervisor prior to going to a doctor and any physical therapy appointments, and keep their supervisor informed on the status of their injury/claim.
  • Always send the doctor’s notes and correspondence to the Workers’ Compensation Office.
  • If the employee pays or receives a bill, forward the bill or receipt to the Workers’ Compensation Office.