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Who is Eligible for Workers' Compensation

UCR employees and registered volunteers are eligible for workers' compensation.  Please see the Campus Policy: Volunteer (without salary) Appointments regarding volunteers.

Types of Injuries and Illnesses

  • Specific Incident
    A single injury to one or more parts of the body resulting from a specific incident. Examples are injuries resulting from a “slip and fall,” a broken glass beaker, or lifting a heavy object.
  • Cumulative Injury
    An injury resulting from repetitive traumatic activities over a period of time. Examples are loss of hearing from loud work-related noises or overuse syndrome from repetitive use of a keyboard.
  • Occupational Disease
    Diseases that result over time that are directly related to a person’s work, such as asbestosis, which results from an employee’s long term exposure to asbestos.
  • Aggravation of a Pre-Existing Condition
    If employment aggravates a pre-existing condition, the employer could be liable for proportion due to the aggravation.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Specific benefits are individually determined based on a range of factors. Generally, injured employees are eligible for the following types of benefits:

  • Medical Care
    Doctor visits, hospital services, physical therapy, lab tests, x-rays, and medicines that are reasonably necessary to treat the injury. For injuries occurring on or after 1/01/2004, there is a limit on some medical services.
  • Temporary Disability Compensation
    Temporary disability payments are provided to injured employees to supplement their lost wages (temporary disability payments may also be referred to as workers' compensation payments).
  • Permanent Disability Compensation
    Permanent disability compensation is provided when there is a permanent disability.
  • Death Benefits
    Compensation is provided to the surviving dependents in the event of death.

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