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ERWG Charter


The UCR Enterprise Risk Work Group ("ERWG") will provide campus oversight on Enterprise Risk Management ("ERM") and will be advisory to the UCR Ethics and Compliance Risk & Audit and Controls Committee ("Committee") through the VC BAS. 

The ERWG is comprised from the major functions of the University and will assure that enterprise risk management decisions are aligned with UCR's overall vision and goals. The ERWG will collaborate on a comprehensive approach to identifying and managing the full range of risks the University faces. The ERWG will champion these strategies and be charged with communicating them to each member's respective areas so that all stakeholders take ownership. A common language for managing our risks will be established with a balanced view between upside and downside risks – one that attempts to minimize hazards, influence and control uncertainties, and manages opportunities. 

ERWG members will not delegate their responsibilities, including their meeting attendance responsibility, to anyone. The ERWG will be chaired by the Director of Risk Management and will meet at least quarterly, and will maintain quorum (defined as a majority of members present) for at least 90% of the scheduled meetings on an annual basis. The ERWG will be charged with the following, including but not limited to:

  • Responsibility and support for the overall ERM Program as it relates to the campus, including implementation, performance metrics and ongoing campus processes of the Program,
  • Encouraging an awareness of ERM and open lines of communication throughout the campus,
  • Monitoring ERM for effectiveness and consistency of practices throughout the campus, developing risk assessment processes for identifying and mitigating high risk areas,
  • Advising on the need for campus-specific guidance documents, education materials, and training as it relates to specific risk areas and recommending policies and best practices for campus wide and system wide implementation, and
  • Reporting risk areas of high priority and proposed risk mitigation activities and establishing sub-work groups as needed.

ERWG Composition:

Name Organization
Christopher Richmond, Chair Risk Management (VCBAS)
David Bergquist Campus Counsel
Elizabeth Boyd School of Medicine
Georgianne Carlson VCBAS
Cathy Eckman Vice Chancellor Student Affairs (VCSA)
Assistant Chief John Freese Police
Jennifer Farias College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences (CNAS), Cooperative Extension, Water Resources, DANR Program Leadership
Charles Greer Vice Chancellor Office of Research Affairs
Shelley Gupta Computing & Communications (C&C)
Laurie Gustafson Anderson Graduate School of Management (AGSM)
Patrick Hartney Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE)
Tamara Hedges Palm Desert Campus
Joann Javier Undergraduate Education
Nathaniel Jones III College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences (CHASS), Galarza Public Policy
Kennett Lai Graduate Division
Chief Mike Lane Police
Melanie Marcaurel Athletics
Gregory Moore Audit and Advisory Services
Jocelyn Nakashige School of Medicine
Cynthia Palmer Academic Senate
Andy Plumley AVC Housing & Dining
David Rios University Library
Sarah Sharp-aten University Extension (UNEX), Public Service & International Programs
Sally Tavizon Graduate School of Education (GSOE)
Russell Vernon Environmental Health & Safety
Jan Wildman Vice Chancellor University Advancement (VCUA)
Tim Willette VCBAS
Karim Zahedi Chancellor's Office, Athletics, School of Medicine


The ERWG agenda shall include, but not be limited, to the following:

  • Minutes approval,
  • ERM related topics of interest,
  • Ongoing items report with emphasis on leadership/oversight, policies/procedures, education/training, auditing/monitoring, reporting/investigations, enforcement/discipline, and response/prevention.
  • Other appropriate items.


In addition to reporting on campus ERM activities through quarterly meetings, the ERWG in collaboration VC BAS will provide the UCR Ethics and Compliance Risk & Audit and Controls Committee reports of strategic importance. Reports could address campus activities with respect to ERM oversight/leadership, policies and procedures, education and training, auditing and monitoring, reporting and investigating, response and prevention, and enforcement and disciplinary actions.

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